An. Hon Catholic Bishop Named Servatius Lived In thongress Belgium in 300 A.D. He was an Armenian. He did his utmost effort to spread Christianity and its beliefs. Later he was well-known as an  erudite and a great person with a kind heard. So a popular school in Belgium was named as Servatius college established in the world.

Later on a small college was established in a swamp by the River Nilwala in Pallimulla Sri Lanka on the 2nd of November 1897. To mark that special event of inauguration Hon. Brother Polidore had drawn a picture of  it. To honor his masterpiece we like to mention that the picture has been still well known as to show the condition of that era. The pioneer of the school was a Belgium Rev. Father standerd. It was implemented with frank 30000 donations sent by the Belgians in order  to develop the education in Sri Lanka. During the implementation he had to encounter a lot of hardships and obstacles. Though he was from thousands of miles away from his motherland he was enabled to hit his target by commencing St. Servatius College.

Next with all the assurance was given by Rev. Father Adol Closet & St. Setvatius College was shifted to the present premises in 1906. Yet veteran architect Rev. Father Roland should be commemorated fro his great dedication given to Rev Father Adol. by designing the college buildings in an excellent manner. Simultaneously the college was admired and appreciated by the Director of education Mr.Harward regarding the progress they had achieved.

After the demise of Rev. Closet, Rev. Aanthvepon had been appointed as the director and the in charge of the church.  After that Father P.S.M. Devasurendra and in 1907 Mr. J. Kugman were being appointed after the principal Mr. Simon Costa then Rev. Father Volter Wickramsinghe had been appointed in 1908 and since then a new era was dawned. Maximum best service was rendered by him to uplift the college yet during his era as senior Cambridge  Classes were introduced, many students were able to access the benefits for the betterment for their lives. First time in its history, Cricket and Foot ball matches had been started, a milestone for commencing extra curricular activities.

In 1910 Rev. Father Bernard was appointed as the chief of the management and the in charge of the church. Then the college had been successfully uplifted because of his extra ordinary kindness and maximum endeavor with the assistance of his colleagues.

In order to commemorate the hard achievement and the best service rendered by Rev. Father Adol Closet, Bernard Standerd and Volter Wickramasinghe the houses of the college were introduced with their names. Then Rev. Father Prutsath had been appointed as the director only for a short period. Subsequently the most experienced Rev. Oliver poron the former veteran principal of St. Alosius college became success in 1928 then a new mansion had been built  and a delectable appearance was given to the college.  Subsequently vetran erudite historian Rev. Father S.G. Perera’s name was written in Golden Letters though he had worked for a short period.

Rev. Bastheeniar had been appointed to ST. Setvatius College in 1931. After his service Rev. Terrance de silva was appointed. During his era college had been sparked not only with the academic section but also with the sports activities. Unfortunately due to his falling health condition he had to leave for Europe. Then Rev. Karubba had Serviced the college for a short period.

The most veteran Rev. Mark Anthony had rendered a great service in 1948. Some new buildings were added. But later on it was a great loss as he had to leave the college in order to resume duty in the church.

Consequently a great transformation had been implemented by Rev. Father Alles and a laboratory and a library were being established.

Then a tremendous service had been rendered by the principal Rev Mark Anthony Fernando, Rev. J. Anjeli, Rev. Bage, Rev, C. Gida successively for short periods.

Since 1945-1965 an immortal golden era being reigned by Rev. J. Rajapakse an outstanding erudite and a sporadic gem whom was able to administer the college towards an English speaking culture which was must to upgrade the position of the college. Even today without hesitation he is being remembered by every once who was under his administration. The tremendous unique service rendered by his paved the way not only to improved the English language but also to develop and mould the characters enhancing the ability specially in the cricket field to produce perfect children to the world. On the contrary his Sociable, Kind, Modest qualities led him even to be friendly with the community which facilitated him to enhane and upgrade the good will of ST. Servatius College.

A Two storeged building was added under his supervision at the cost of Rs. Two Hundred Thousand in 1965. It was a great memorandum to recall his sublime qualities and unique service. Still it is being memorized by his affectionate students of the Alma mater and the community how he used to mingle with them modestly specially with the team of Foot ball to promote their abilities under his immense supervision until the government undertake the college after Rev. Father Rajapakse’s demise he rests in peace in great tranquility in Deniyaya Mausoleum. In short his immortal personality still being recolleeted as a sporadic, distinguished great helmsman who sailed the ship St. Servatius towards a great victory proving his sheer attitude “Example is better than precepts.”  

Subsequently in 1966 Mr. S.S.W. Munaweera assumed duty as the principal and then Mr. Shelton silva did the administration of his almamater. During that era college divided for two sections being senior and junior sections. Mr. K.P.H. Ediriweera had been appointed as the 1st  principal for the junior section. After Mr. Shelton silva in 1968 Mr. S.K.H. Jayawardena was appointed and T.H. Ediriweera and Mr. P.J. de Silva successively rendered their service.

 In 1971 Mr. G.L. Galappathhi who possessed an enthusiastic extra ordinary strict and bold characteristic qualities specially in the field of Sri Lankan army had been appointed as the principal of servatious college. He devoted his service from downto susk through out his era. On the contrary he was adorned and attired with the costume of Sri Lankan Army while resting popular Ben gun on his table. Specially to overcome the barriers and obstacles he used his army personality to overcome whatever difficulties with his prudent vision. Consequently he was able to upgrade the college to the utmost to level within a short period in the southern province. Although he openly used a smoking pipe with Virginia tobacco it never ever led to mislead the children throughout his era he possessed only his paddling bicycle until his retirement to prove his simplicity and modesty.

After this golden era the college was administrated by Mr. Anrahennadi, and Mr. K.T. Silva successively. Subsequently Mr. M.J. Gunasekara who was a former reputed assistant science teacher was being appointed as principal. After his service Mr. Mahinda Wijes had been appointed to hold the responsibility.

Subsequently Mr. Dayananda Jayaweera who rendered his utmost service to mould well disciplined children . During his era he did his maximum to gain a well equipped computer laboratory and a Basket ball court. Eventually he was being promoted as a director of education.

Mr. L. Kodippili was appointed as the principal who rendered diligent and maximum service to the college. After his era Mr. Vidanapathirana was appointed. During his epoch the college was being dilapidated due to Tsunami disaster In 2008 after his retirement Mr. Nimalasiri Wanigabaduge who was a member of Sri Lanka education administrative service, rendered his service with a compensable association with its colleagues and students uplifted not only the academic section but also extra curricular activities.

In 2009 first time in the history maximum children were passed, the scholarship examination, ordinary level and advanced level. Under 15 and 19 Cricket team were also selected for first class cricket tournament. During the era of Mr. Nimalsiri wanigabaduge era he was able to gain a bus for the servatius college, with the completion of the shortcomings he was able to uplift the music section to the all island level. After his era D.Asoka Kumara the first principal madam had been appointed. She was highly honoured and after her refirement the college was under the administration of Mr. K. Ranasinghe. In 2014 Mr. Munidasa Rathnasekara has been appointed as the present principal.